How to Play the Super Mario Bros. Game

How to Play the Super Mario Bros. Game

The Super Mario Bros was released in 1985 as a sequel to the 1983 game Mario Bros, which is the first of all the Mario Bros games.  In this game, the player gets to control Mario in a two-player mode and the second player controls Luigi who is Mario’s fraternal twin brother as they adventure into the Mushroom Kingdom whilst saving Princess Peach from the Evil Bowser.

Guide on How to Play Super Mario Bros Game

To play Super Mario Bros. game, one assumes the role of Mario who is the main protagonist of the game whereas Luigi can only be played by the second player and takes on exactly the same role as Mario.  The main goal is to save the Mushroom Kingdom from the evil Bowser and his allies as well as to save Princess Peach.  At the end of each level, either Mario or Luigi has to move from left to right to reach the flagpole.

When you play Super Mario Bros. game, you will notice that the  Mushroom Kingdom is filled with coins and bricks marked with question marks that Mario has to collect, these coins can provide him with extra lives and special items.  When these bricks are hit by Mario or Luigi’s head from below, the bricks could reveal special items.  Also, there are “secret” bricks that are most likely invisible that contain more coins or special items.  When the players get to reveal either a red or a yellow mushroom, Mario or Luigi gets to double his size which means he could take a single hit from his enemies or obstacles as well as gives them the ability to break bricks using their heads.


A total of only three lives are usually given to a player and as they play Super Mario Bros. game. Through their adventure, they could gain additional lives through several ways like getting 1-up mushrooms, accumulating 100 coins and by continuously stomping on enemies without being able to touch the ground.  A single life is taken out of Mario’s lives when he gets attacked by his enemies, takes a drop in the pits and runs out of time and when all lives are spent then the game is then over.

Mario basically attacks his enemies by effectively stomping on the heads of his enemies or in the case of Koopa Troopas, their shells where they retract when attacked.  This gives Mario the chance to use it as a projectile and attack other enemies.  One other attack is for enemies who are standing overhead where Mario has to jump up and hit the brick where the enemy is on.  Also, there is the Fire Flower that when Mario picks up turns him to Super Mario and makes him capable of throwing fireballs.  Another item is the Starman, that usually materializes when Mario hits a concealed block, Starman makes Mario briefly invisible to his enemies and allows him to attack enemies that he comes in contact with.

Super Mario Bros has a total of eight worlds and four stages, where at the final stage, Mario has to fight Bowser or one of this decoys in a castle.  Also, there are some underwater stages and secret zones incorporated into the game, these secret zones provide coins that Mario can collect, others, on the other hand, have warp pipes where Mario is given the chance to skip worlds and advance to the next worlds.

Once players get through the main game, there will be an option to choose a world for a new quest. To play Super Mario Bros. game in this mode is harder where previous enemies are replaced by fiercer enemies who move even faster. In this mode, however, Mario is not capable of gaining special powers and no extra points are given once they have defeated their enemies.

With this guide, your mind may now have probably been refreshed and can play Super Mario Bros. Game again more efficiently, anytime.

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