How to win the jackpot

There many strategies one can employ when playing the jackpot but there are some common ones that are floating around which are almost like best practices. Let’s take a look at some of them now. Remember it’s a game and not an investment opportunity when you play. The odds of you winning can vary a lot depending upon the jackpot you have chosen.

So how to win the jackpot then? Well you need to wait till the pots at least 350 million if possible. This gives you less of a chance of not splitting the jackpot, and another golden rule is stop picking what everyone else is playing. Birthdays sometimes can be very popular numbers. Avoid clichés lucky numbers like 7, 13 etc. Try to vary your choices as much as possible especially if you are playing Powerball all these hold true to a large extent. Make sure when you win you end up taking the annuity option on the winnings cause a half a billion dollar jackpot could dwindle down to a third of a billion if you end up taking it as 1 lump sum. The key lies in the variance so that the chances of you splitting something big is minimal.

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